Libra (Tula—Scales)

Libra_BalanceLibra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, relating to our “other half”, harmony, and partnerships. Its keyword is balance, reflected by the scales, the symbol of this sign. Venus, the planet associated with love and desire, rules Libra. Librans are noted for their beauty and aesthetic sense. We have the potential to bring harmony and beauty to the world. Charming and graceful, we have the ability to be excellent mediators and negotiators.

Being a cardinal sign, we may initiate relationships with the hope of finding completion. The stimulating element of air reflects our enthusiasm to satisfy our idea of love and romance. However, our desires can sweep us up in a whirlwind. In addition, being a masculine sign, we do not easily acquiesce to the needs of the partner, but set the terms under which the relationship will be conducted. For example, “If you want to talk to me, you must talk to me from a certain distance and with a specific tone. Otherwise, my sense of beauty and harmony will be jeopardized.” Thus the balance of the scales can be continuously disrupted.

Libra is the first of the “we” or “us” signs. The challenge is that the only time we’ve got it all our own way is when we are in a room by ourselves. As soon as somebody else comes into the room, there’s a whole different set of conditions. We have to work out our relationships to arrive at a balance. The challenge for Libra energy is maintaining an inner equilibrium and balance, so as not to tip our scales. We may easily lose our peace, as we are intent in trying to maintain a balance and harmony in our relationships in the environment around us. Or, in the name of peace, we can create a war.

While we seek to have harmonious relationships with others, we are not quite ready to have a relationship on somebody else’s terms. “If it is just you, doing your thing—that is not fair to me. That is not balance”. A Libran will then say “let’s compromise”. We place conditions based on our interpretation of equal rights. Our desire for harmony and peace is realized when we develop an inner poise unaffected by the world in flux around us. Otherwise, we become anxious and uncertain about what decisions to make.

The sign of the scales reflects a desire to maintain harmony at all costs, which may compromise our inner truth, as we remain diplomatic rather than speaking out in the fear of causing disturbance. The sign of the scales is the only mechanical or non-living symbol of the twelve signs. It can reflect the distance and objectivity a good mediator would need to remain unbiased in order to see all points of view. However, there is the caution that in our neutrality, we may lose our heart for the sake of being overly mental and rational.

Libra is associated with the reproductive organs, which are associated with the perpetuation of the species. According to Eastern, and other mystical traditions, the state of ecstasy most approaches perception of the Divine. As Libra is the site of the sleeping kundalini, this energy causes the serpent to rise in order to meet its other half, Shiva, in the third eye. The third eye is represented by Aries, which is associated with the first house.

Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis has a Libra ascendant, Richard Burton has the Sun in Libra, and Elizabeth Taylor has the Moon in Libra.

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