The Minor Lines

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The Minor Lines

Your Conscious: the Minor Lines

minors_linesThe minor (conscious) lines show to what extent we have been able to dive into our subconscious in order to bring its wealth to the surface of consciousness.

The conscious lines signal an awakening. They appear on the hand as we become motivated to experience life more consciously. No longer satisfied with living mechanically, once we have experienced the revelation of consciousness, we are compelled to move forward and discover deeper truths.

Following is a brief explanation of three of the most important minor lines: the destiny, Sun and Mercury lines. Other minor lines that have a direct influence on our relationships will be discussed in later chapters.

Destiny Line

The destiny line, or Saturn line, serves as the backbone for the other lines of the hand. It indicates the degree of our desire to structure our lives. As a conscious line, it provides the outlet for the major lines of heart, head and life to express themselves. A destiny line indicates that we have something to live for, to be in love with and to be dedicated to, as there is a motivation and focus to achieve our life ambition. The destiny line serves as a medium through which previously untapped qualities can now be brought to a conscious level of expression by way of a profession or vocation.

The destiny line reveals the extent to which we are anchored in our own unique purpose. Finding our purpose, we are better prepared to enter into a relationship based on the fundamental strength of our own character.

Sun Line

While the destiny line reflects our efforts, the sun line speaks of the successful fruition of our work. The Sun line is created as a result of our belief and satisfaction in what we are doing. The aura of magnetism that we create around us subsequently attracts the appropriate circumstances and associates into our life.

Mercury Line

The formation of a strong Mercury line in the hand indicates that an effortless ability to communicate with others has been developed.

When the Mercury line is fragmented, it indicates that we are not satisfied with our circumstances and surroundings. If such distress is not resolved, a variety of health problems can ensue, in turn leading to the miscommunication that lies at the base of much unhappiness in our relationships. These can be of an emotional, mental, physical, or sexual nature.

Importance of Creating a Balance between the Major and Minor Lines

The presence of major lines without the support of minor lines suggests a life lived unreflectively; either we are not aware of our rich inner potential, or we have not learnt how to focus our unique passion and bring it into being. The presence of too many minor lines prevents us from accessing the subconscious; we are so overwhelmed with day-to-day detail that we have no time for reflection. It is best when the major lines are equal in strength to the minor lines. This allows the potential resources of our subconscious to find a conscious outlet of expression.

There is a story of Houdini performing one of his great escape routines that illustrates this imbalance. He was bound inside a chest that was then lowered by rope through a hole in the ice. The chest broke away from the rope securing it in place and, along with Houdini, was carried downstream. When he found his way out of the trunk as planned and swam to the surface, he realized he had been swept away; he could not find the hole to exit.

The story of Houdini is an allegory of the absence of minor lines in the hand. It is essential for our subconscious mind to find an outlet; but if the minor lines are not there, we may drown our inner potential.

According to the story, Houdini eventually escaped unharmed.

Look fo Balance

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